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Baseball Needs Instant Replay - Now

Bud Selig is considering having instant replay for MLB by August. He needs to have it in place and running. I know many people are not tennis fans, but tennis has instant replay for the fans. A player can challenge a call and the call is reviewed on the Jumbotron. You can clearly see if the ball is in or out and the call is made right away. This is fan friendly and gets the crowd involved. There is technology to do it so why not use it ? The bottom line is to get the call right and to do it quickly.

I agree with using instant replay for foul balls and homeruns and homeruns in general - for example if a fan interferes with it by reaching over. Where was the ball - in foul territory or fair territory past the foul pole ? My suggestion is to to display to the fans on the Jumbotron at the stadium a replay. The home teams display all replays now that are not controversial. I am not sure why a replay of a homerun is controversial if it clearly show what happened. What is controversial about the truth ? The umpire and all the fans like in tennis can see the replay right there. A 8 year old can be the replay official - is it fair or foul ? Is it a homerun ?

Now there must be penalties for cheaters so that teams will not cheat. There is no time to for a home team to dummy up a replay but if a team does not show an available replay, then the team forfeits the game. You need a stiff penalties to deter cheaters. There can be an investigation into why all replays are shown EXCEPT for the fair or foul one that everyone wanted. You have auditors to check that out. Most every game is shown on MLB Extra Innings so there should be few reason why a replay is not available to the fans and the umpires.

The NFL system of a replay booth is expensive and I really don't know why all the fans at the stadium can't see the replay ? Why do you have to go home to see a replay if you are at the game. Shouldn't you get at least what the people at home get for free since you bought a ticket ?

There is no new technology needed for this as they show replays now at baseball games. Why not include homerun calls and foul balls ?  Get it right for the games sake.  Besides, it could save time instead of each manager arguing  with an umpire for 15 minutes each after they change or challenge the call.  What did you see ?  Are you sure ?  blah, blah
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Foul Shooting IS Important

Coach Calipari was right in the press conference about how bad Memphis had to play and how good Kansas had to play for Kansas to win the title.

One thing that is Calapari is wrong is about the importance of foul shooting. If you play street ball or jungle ball, you know what the most important shot is ? Foul shooting because where I used to play back in the Big Apple, the first six guys in a pick up game usually hit the free throw so they play. Forget about getting in line for a 3 on 3 if there are 6 guys ahead of you. We usually had to sprint to the foul line or you would have to wait 2-3 games to play. I normally would not get picked on a team in a pick-up because I was not the tallest (5' 10") kid nor the biggest kid. Besides that, I did not know anyone on the court and they never saw me play. Remember, we are talking about the first game in a gym or school yard. You were lucky to touch the ball 2-3 times in practice with all the people on the court

The other thing about foul shooting or playing basketball is to see who is playing and playing well in the last 5 minutes. It does not matter much - usually - what you do before that. When the game is on the line in the last 5 minutes, who is playing well ? That is your ball game most of the time. Kansas played better during the last few minutes of this game and then in OT. National title to Kansas.

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